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Coconut Shell Charcoal

Charcoal Briquette
Manufacturer Indonesia

Sinar Bara Asia

Leading Charcoal Briquette Manufacturer in Indonesia for Hookah, Shisha, and BBQ needs. Producing consistent Premium Quality Product for brands worldwide, with adjustable performance, shapes, and sizes for every occasion. Set your own perfect quality standard!

The Difference.

Strict Quality Control.
Professional and Experienced team.
100% Certified Natural Product.

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Shisha Charcoal | Coconut Charcoal | Sinar Bara Asia
Coconut Shell Charcoal Indonesia

Higher Temperature

Material refined meticulously, allowing clean and high temperature when needed

Low Ash Content

Our technology combined with high grade material, allows low ash content (below 2%.)

High Density Level

Proper blending and extrusion method creating the best density level with clean finish.

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